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December 5, 2012

Christmas Countdown | Christmas Tag

Christmas tag with holiday images
Huge Snowman | First snowfall | Christmas tree & window | Fav decoration made by mama | Cash Register toy gift | Gifts from Santa | Ready to build

Whats your favourite holiday movie?
      I'll be totally honest, I haven't seen a lot of Christmas movies. I love the Santa Claus ones though, with Tim Allen. We watched them every year. Leave me recommendations below because I want to watch as many as I can this year!

Do you stay in your pj's or dress up for Christmas?
     We go to church first thing in the morning and then we used to go visiting so I used to dress up, but the last couple of years, I changed into pj's after mass. This year, I'll be staying dressed up since I'm spending Christmas evening in the boyfriends house.

Do you open presents on Christmas eve or Christmas morning?
     Oh no no no, Christmas morning! We have a system to follow; First breakfast and Santa presents then we go to mass, exchange family presents and finally tuck into dinner before watching a movie and having a nap. We like to spread out the gift giving haha.

Favourite Christmas smell?
     Hmm...Christmas dinner. My mama loves cinnamon so I know when I smell that Christmas is close.

Christmas Cards - Handmade or bought?
     I'm not fussy. We would always sit around the table on Saturday evenings to make Christmas cards during Nov/Dec when we were little, I loved that!

Favourite Christmas meal or treat?
     Toasted turkey and stuffing sandwiches with mayo!!

Candy cane or gingerbread men?
     Candy canes! Everyone used to buy packs and share them in class, love candy canes! I have the biggest sweet tooth ever.

Christmas Tree - Real or Fake?
     I'd love a real one, but effort of cleaning that. Taking down Christmas decorations is depressing enough without trying to get pine needles out of the carpet. We have a fake one, but mam got these pine sticks that hang on the tree so it smells real!

Weirdest gift you've ever received?
     It's not really weird but I suppose it's kind of a strange thing to give a 19 year old. My dad gave me a toy cash register. I had one when I was younger and I loved it, the card didn't beep when you swiped it through so dad tried to fix it. He ended up breaking the whole thing and we had to throw it out. I never ever let it go and would always joke about it so he bought me a new one for a laugh. It was funny until I realised that was all I was getting lol.

Have you ever made a snowman?
     Yes, I remember one year when I was about 7 maybe, it snowed so heavy. My dad, little brother and I made a huge snowman using all the snow in the back garden. It took ages to melt!

Favourite Christmas decoration?
     My dad decorates (covers!) the house in Christmas lights, which deep down I love! It's so cosy watches movies, eating chocolate with the fire on and surrounded by twinkly lights. My favourite decoration though is one my mam made, it took weeks to do and was such detailed work using loads of sequins. It's in the photo above.

What do you do on Christmas eve?
     We have a tradition of going to the shopping centre and having a quick look around the shops, buying a couple of extra gifts and then sitting in a cafe with some lunch, drinking tea and watching people rush around getting last minute gifts. Afterwards, I usually watch a movie or go to the pub. Last year, I went to the local with my boyfriend and his work mates and we got kicked out for being "too loud". We ended up going to one of the houses until 6am, Christmas day was spent with such a headache but it was so worth it. One of the best nights out, everyone was just in such a good mood!

Most memorable Christmas memory?
     One of my most memorable Christmas memories was when Santa came and knocked the coal out of the fireplace. My brother was so distraught over the mess, ran out to his toy toolbox and grabbed a hammer and a screwdriver and tried to lift the coal and put it back into the fireplace. While all this was happening, my dad was trying to get his attention back to the brand new bike that was sitting beside the Christmas tree that he hadn't noticed lol.

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