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January 24, 2013

Benefit Fine One One Launch

Benefit Fine One One launch Make Up Blush Lips Powder Cream Price Review

I hope we all remember the fabulous product from Benefit I showed back in October in this exclusive look post. Mark, Benefits top makeup artist, demoed it on me at the event back in October and it is truly beautiful. I'm a huge fan of Benefits boxed blusher & bronzer and this lives up, a cream to powder brightening colour for the cheeks and lips. It contains three gorgeous shades; pink champagne, sheer watermelon & a soft coral, that blend together beautifully. Really easy to apply, just roll on the cheeks and blend. This beaut has already launched (& sold out) in the US but it's hitting Ireland & the UK this weekend for £23.50/€32. 

Launching January 26th at Benefit counters!

What I said back in October
A brand new cream blush called "Fine One One" from Benefit is hitting shelves January 2013 so unfortunately we have to wait to get our hands on this beauty. It's a lot different to Benefits Boxed Blushers & Bronzers, this is a cream blush with three shades in one; Warm Pink Blush, Coral Blush and a Highlighter. It has the cutest push up stick packaging so it's really easy to apply. Mark suggested rolling it onto your cheeks so that it kind of blends together while applying product which is great. Mark demoed the product on my chipmunk cheeks, I tend to stay away from blushes but this was just gorgeous. The three colours blend together so nicely and is buildable. It's also very diverse, Mark not only used it on my cheeks, but on my lips and used the highlighter on my brow bone and cupids bow. I have a feeling this is going to fly of the shelves so make sure you're first to get it come January! 
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