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December 31, 2013

2014 | A Year of Changes

Welcomed 2013 | Made a promise | Made a plan | Spent great times with great friends | Celebrated turning 22 | Interned with a digital marketing and web design company | Bf's birthday | Started xomisse | Booked last minute trip to Spain | First holiday together | Celebrated 2 year anniversary with my best friend of 9 years | Started driving lessons | Start the day with a workout and positive attitude | Started writing for Blogosphere Magazine | Enjoyed college again | Lovely Christmas with family

2013 flew by, like seriously blinked and I missed it flew!! I feel like I've done nothing but been so busy - I interned for the first half of the year, started, went to some Blogger meet ups and events, started driving lessons, spent two wonderful weeks in Spain and returned to a hectic semester for my final year of college. That's it really but they took up so many hours of mine, it was really just a year to get things done and checked of my to-do list! All in all, it wasn't a bad year with plenty of laughs and friends to enjoy it with.

I think 2014 will be the year of changes for me - I will be transitioning from a college student of six years to the "real world", I will be exploring and enjoying the summer months, I will be experimenting with more freelance work, applying for web design jobs... the list is endless really. Although I have some goals and plans for 2014, I really just want to say yes to things and see where the year takes me. I've been tied to this place for so long because of my degree but after June, I can basically go anywhere - if I pass that is. So here's to the excitement of 2014 - adventure is out there!

I want to wish you all a very happy new year. I hope 2014 brings you everything you need and wish for. I also want to thank you for reading and supporting me this year, it means so much to me.

How has your 2013 been? What was your favourite thing about 2013? Do you have goals for 2014? If you've done a post on your year, goals or resolutions I'd love to see it!

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